Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day of Outsider Art

Mum and I hit the shops yesterday in an impromptu day out.  We bought up big at the Angus & Robertson closing down sale where we got 75% off everything!  We had a lovely lunch of sushi and did some things at Garden City before leaving.  But I did spot some very cool things to photograph like this retro stool... 

And Mum's car sticker.  She's had this on her car for years, and Gabe and I still think it's funny!
 Then, we were off to Morningside to Mum's hairdresser where I walked around and found this Traffic Signalling Box with lovely cats all over it.  Aren't they just beautiful, sitting there looking all snooty?

And then, I crossed the road and found an old-fashioned Community Noticeboard.  These aren't around much anymore; and the ones that are have survived a lot.  This one is painted up nicely and is still in use!  I love it as much as I love the one in Brunswick Heads.

Then, on the way home, Mum and I got stuck in traffic where I spotted this sticker on the back of a ute... very funny and true of Australia.  

So, there's my day of outsider art.  You can definitely find it everywhere if you look hard enough.  Where have you seen it in your everyday life?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Paper works by a wonderful artist!

I found this artist in the same place as the last one; and he's just as amazing.  This time, though, he works with paper.  

Carlos Meira 

I love the intricate patterns and patience this would have taken.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Watercolours by Grzegorz Wrobel

One of my Bookcrossing friends has put up this link to this fine artist's webpage; and I found the work here absolutely amazing - so much so, I thought to share it here.

Grzegorz Wrobel 

Have a look and enjoy.