Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progress Report

As you guys know, I'm doing a self-portrait.  I thought to let you in on my progress on it.  It doesn't look too exciting right now, but I'm learning about texture and colouring.

My first attempt at my portrait in January this year.

I thought to try out something different and get the skin right first this month.
 I'm progressing along well; and I think, for a first portrait (since Jim Morrison), I'm finding this very much a learning experience which I'm enjoying.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Photos of Anthony Lister's Work

Yesterday, I was out with the family and on the way home, Mum, Dad and I dropped in on the mural over near Keperra that Anthony Lister has been working on.  It was just past 11pm and Mum and I were curious as to what he had added since Christmas; as he took some time off to celebrate and 
 take a break. 

Well, it looks great; and I love it.  Must apologise about the cars being in the way; couldn't do anything about that; but I can't wait until it's finished.  What do you guys think?  Feel free to leave a comment and let us all know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hawaiian Art

I was taking a look around the local Life Line store and found the most beautiful works hanging on the walls.  But the one I purchased and brought home with me was from Maui, Hawaii.  It had been hanging above the change room door and is absolutely gorgeous.

When I saw the domed glass I knew it was coming home with me; and I knew exactly where to put it too!  This is a perfect example of retro art from the gorgeous islands of Hawaii... something you just don't see anymore. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art In People's Homes

Last year, I did a post about artwork in my own home; and was amazed just how much I had hanging around the place.  I thought to kick off this month with the artwork I've found around one of my friends' houses last month; on Australia Day actually.  They've got great taste in it really and I wanted to share.

This painting was done by Geoff but I don't know where they got the mask.

 I really do enjoy visiting Geoff and Viv's home as he's always working on something arty... and has some paintings leaning against the back door that look great (which I didn't get a photo of as I don't know if they were finished or not).  

This one was next to the back door and above some paintings on the floor.

 I took these photos while everyone was either waking up or beginning to eat breakfast... me?  I had already scoffed down a bowl of cereal and was drinking my coffee and beginning to feel human just a little bit.

My favourite one of theirs... looks very evil in its green.
This last one is situated outside their kitchen and faces the front door; as though to welcome everyone with its happy grin - almost looking as though it's hiding a secret.  I do like this one very much for its colour and position in the house.

So, there you have it... some of the artwork in my friends' house.  They didn't mine me photographing it, and I'm sure they don't mind if it's here.  Until my next post, take care, keep knitting, painting and creating.