Monday, December 27, 2010

North Side Outsider Art

For the last six months or so, Mum and I have been driving past a wall on the way to my brother's house.  Now, it had some great artwork on it by an artist going by the name of Lister.
I just Googled his name and came up with Anthony Lister from New York who has been here in Australia doing some outsider art around Brisbane; and not getting very far with it.  On his official site I have found more of his art which was removed from Fortitude Valley here in Brisbane; and when I've brought up the photos of the wall mural I took on Christmas Day, I compared the style to the work on his site and found so many similarities.
The last piece of work ( called Mural, was demolished when a building was pulled down.  Fortunately, my Mum took a photo of it and showed me.  We both thought it looked wicked.  And this new work looks even better!  Let's hope it stays longer than the wall did.

Friday, December 24, 2010

K-Mart Wishing Tree Donation

Each year, I've been giving to the K-Mart Wishing Tree at Woodridge Central Plaza.  It's to support the Salvation Army and to give people who are less fortunate a Christmas that they normally wouldn't have.  I began giving to it about four years ago; just buying small things really and taking them in about a week before Christmas Eve.
This year, I thought to do something different.  I was low on cash and had bee knitting a lot in front of the television - working on my blanket for next year - when I thought to knit a scarf and beanie for somebody for when the weather gets cold.  And what do you know?  This Christmas hasn't been exactly textbook Australian Summer... boiling hot and all, has it?  Well, over the last month or so, I pulled down one of my tried and true beanie patterns I had grabbed off the net and used it.  But no matter what needles I used (sizes 4 or 8), the beanie came out the same size... so I had a short scarf with two small beanies.  Now,I had planned to give these to teenagers; and had to quickly change my age groups to babies.  Not a problem!  The scarf is green and the beanies are green and creme; lovely colours that really could suit a boy or a girl.
When I arrived at K-Mart, the lady at the doors saw what I had made and was amazed that I had gone to the trouble.  She took them off me and found a bag; then commented on how soft they were.  I said that I had bought the wool right there in K-Mart and thought that something hand-made would be just the thing; nobody makes things anymore, everything being so material and fake.  She smiled and said that it was wonderful I took the time to work on something that will mean so much to somebody I'll most probably never meet. 
So, whoever you are out there.  When you receive the beanies and scarf for you little one, I do hope you enjoy them.  They didn't take long to make, but I love to knit and enjoyed making them instead of knitting my blanket; as it was something for you to use in your baby's life.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Capers.

Well, it's that time of the year again where we run ourselves broke looking for the one or two pressies to give our loved ones.  This year, I stuck with nice, basic presents for everyone; things they needed and also things I needed also.  However, over the next few weeks, I'm not going away on holidays - as planned.  Seeing it's been so wet and the usual storms are coming thick'n'fast, I thought it would be safer - not to mention dryer - to stick around home and get into my paintings and collage.  So, over the next few weeks, through Christmas and New Years, I'll be putting up photos of my work as I'm working on it.
Otherwise, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very arty New Year.  I hope you all keep yourself busy at this time of the year with whatever projects you've gotten into and keep yourself safe too.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Logan Art Gallery Christmas Party 2010

This year, we were off to the Gold Coast Art Gallery.  This meant we took off an hour later in the day and had a more relaxing trip because it wasn't all that far from Logan City.  
The Gold Coast Art Gallery is set on a large piece of land with plenty of parking and is close to Q1 and Broadbeach.  The exhibitions were amazing.  The first one we looked at was of graduating art students.  They had some wonderful work and I loved quite a bit of the jewelry, even if it was out of my price range.  Then, I spotted a large metal dragonfly which I really wanted to get a photo of; so I got permission.  it was until later that I found out it was a Christopher Trotter work.  Isn't it lovely? 
Outside this large gallery is a Sculpture walk which is famous.  And fortunately, the weather was good to us on this day; as it wasn't raining but it was sunny enough for us to walk around.  I found a lot of the sculptures very original in their appearance; and I had a few favourites.  I did like the bottle covered in thongs and shoes; and how people were trying to pull them off too.  And the Sculpture walk went right along the spit to the end of a parkland area where it overlooked some water/river and you could see the tallest building on the Gold Coast across the way.  

This one's called 'The Elements'

If that wasn't enough, we were shuffled off - by bus - to Jupiter's Casino for an all you could eat, buffet lunch.  We had worked up an appetite for it and so many of us went back for seconds and thirds; but I only had my lunch of a very refreshing salad and a very sweet and delicious dessert with hot chocolate.  After our lunches we were given our presents of a drink thermos.  When I opened my envelope, I found that we were all given tickets to the Australian Army Band's 'Merry Melodys' night on 14th, December.  I was given the ticket of one of my married friends as they were going to be in Tasmania at that time.  So, I'll see if Mum wants to go - or my Aunty Helen.
After we got our goodies, I took a wander around Jupiters and got a lovely photo of the staff putting up the tree in the lobby.  I also bought about 11 postcards for $5.00; and have sent off 6 so far.  Then, I sussed out the gift shop and found out why nobody buys the souvenirs from there... too darn expensive!
Well, we dozed on the way home and got our annual photo taken.  For anyone who's friends with me on Facebook, you can find my album of this on there; otherwise, I'll upload more photos as the new year comes in.  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Secretly Admiring

I've been secretly admiring art lately; in the most interesting places.  A lot of the art is on Traffic Signaling Boxes; but some of it is in our own back yards (well, okay, maybe our front yards too!).  Otherwise, there's Mother Nature's way of making art; she just as spectacular in so many ways, we just keep on forgetting how many.
And then, there's my niece who is a great artist at the young age of eleven.  Yep, I've seen some of her work recently and she's improving with every month that passes by.  I'm so proud of her and her talents.  Riley has been working on all kinds of art from her Japanese cartoon characters to Calligraphy - which she's learning at school - and she loves.  She also loves the art of writing and can't get enough of it!
In the last week, I've seen a few other pieces of work on the north side of town.  There are talented people who are going unnoticed by everyone - unless you're the mailman.  And doesn't this letterbox look very cool?  I think so.  This guy makes me want to get a house so I can create a brilliant little place for my letters like that.
Well, right now, I'm working on that larger collage you see in the post below.  It's going well; and right now, I'm getting into what colours to paint it.  Unlike 'Love, Hate and Vampires', I'm not relying on just one colour.  I have to think about what other colours to paint it and see how far I can go with it.  It ought to be fun.  I might try out gluing a big thick book cover on it yet... I'll let you know at the finishing photos.
And I'm also working on knitting a scarf too.  It's for the K-Mart Wishing Tree this Christmas.  I'll be knitting a beanie to match it for an older person; which I'm sure they'll enjoy.  It's a lovely dark green colour and beanie will be a nice creme colour with the dark green put in stripes.  Not too bad if you ask me.
Well, that's all for now.  Until my next post,  keep being creative and keep knitting.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Bigger One Begun.

There's another one I've been looking at doing; and finally I got into it.  And here's the first photo of it.  I'm thinking of calling it 'Love of the Written Word' or 'The Written Word'... I'm not sure yet which title; but it'll  be one of those two.

Love, Hate and Vampires

As promised, I have photos of the finished product of my smaller collage for you to see.  This one is all about the love and hate of relationships in all it's shapes and sizes; from real life through to mythology.  Most of the colour of it has to do with how the human heart is involved and blood.
In love our hearts are involved and they rule most of the relationship.  However, they break and shatter so easily that it's when we see red.  Hate can also make us see red in many different ways; in revenge and murder.  Then, there's the mythology of it all where blood is the life force of all vampires.  They need it to live and have a hunger for it all the time. 

So, the colour red in this collage means a lot in it.  Yet, there's the darkness in the background that holds all meaning for everyone.  Enjoy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Progress - Slowly But Surely

I've been working on my 'Love, Hate and Vampires' collage and as I left it alone for a little while.  And so last night, I gave it go while watching a movie on television (my DVD player's broken).  And look how far it's come from the first photo of the first work on it.
I'll install a finished product here with all the photos of progress from beginning to end; so you can all see where it came from and how it finished up.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love, Hate and Vampires

I've been working on a collage recently - well okay, two of them.  One is called:  'Just A Girl' and it's about how society expects girls to grow up in a particular way.  From the moment they are born, they are given dolls, teddy bears, prams, little shopping trolleys and tutu's to play with while boys are given all the cool toys of Tonka Trucks, soccer balls, water pistols and skateboards.  So, 'Just A Girl' is about how girls shouldn't be put into a box - or boys for that matter either.
The other collage I'm working on is called:  'Love, Hate and Vampires'.  It's mainly using old books that I've scrounged from charity stores (don't worry, they were falling apart
anyway) and I've glued the covers, torn pages and other bits on the canvas of other pages as a background.  Then, using the paint colour red, I've represented three emotions:  love, hate and vampires.  It's yet to be finished and I've still got to tweak it to make it look more or less better than it does now.
Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on how it looks when I near completion.  It's look pretty good now, but I really want to make it look a little better than it does now.  The red looks too much like paint and less like blood... if you know what I mean.

How I Began With the Arts

I love working with all kinds of mediums when it comes to art.  I started off being a glass painter and having to buy a mask for the toxic fumes the leading put off.  It was a fun and very addictive art form.  Then, I did glass painting again; but used different kinds of paint... it involved brushes and a very steady hand. 
This lead me to painting on canvas.  But I didn't pick it up straight away; instead I took an 8-hour bus trip out to Roma in Central Queensland and was taught to paint by a wonderful woman... my then boyfriend's mother, Gail Humphreys.  She was a great artist when I knew her; and taught me the basics.  Dan was so proud of my first painting and I still have it around here somewhere (I'll never part with it or the other three I did that week).  She was so proud of how I picked it up so quickly.
Not long after I returned from Roma, Dan suggested I try to get some work in an art gallery.  He looked around for me and said that the Logan Art Gallery was looking for volunteers... I didn't know at the time that there was an art gallery here in Logan; so I drove there and met the curator at the time (Julian Bowran).  He welcomed me with open arms and I was on the roster immediately; and it was even better that I had a car!
Years passed and I learnt more about art.  There were installation days I was allowed to walk around and watch them hang the paintings.  Sometimes, I'd even pick out a detail in something that wasn't installed right and Julian was impressed and relieved somebody had picked the mistake (it would have been embarrassing on Opening Night if the smallest thing was wrong).
My art got better and I painted more and more when I left home on my own.  It was then, in my 30's I began working with collage and mixed media.  I enjoyed the texture of it and how it conveyed more than just plain old paint.  I tried out the style of artworks where you find stuff on the side of the road, but because of the lack of space, I couldn't do it.  So, collage with little things was the best thing for me.  And those things aren't hard to find in charity stores or in Council Pick-up days.
In the last month, I've painted a Traffic Signaling Box near my house.  Mum helped me and we had a ball!  It's so much fun when you take part in a community project; and it helps make your area look better.  And I've had such great feedback about that box since it was finished; so much so, I'm determined to do another one.
Art is something I've always loved; and will probably will always do in my life - as well as writing and love books - and so since I'm in a house full of arty things, I'm sure I'll be recognised for that one day as well in some small way; even if it's just my family who loves it and nobody else.

Friday, September 3, 2010

TSB - Day Five. The Finishes Touches.

This morning, I woke up and found I was feeling very sick.  It had been a hot night and was turning out to be a sticky day.  Well, that's the beginning of Spring here in Australia for you.  But after I had some breakfast and a few glasses of water, I was well enough to get into going to finishing up the TSB across the road.
Mum and I arrived there at around 11:30am or so; and it was already a pretty hot day.  I had put on sunscreen at home,
but I could still feel myself being burnt an hour later; and the heat of the sun was really getting to both of us even though there was a nice breeze.  
But today, I had been asked to paint up the Top Hat section of the box.  This is what we left blue last time.  This is to really make sure that this box doesn't get tagged again.  so, I designed a template for a sun and some rays to come off it last night, cut them out with some small scissors.  We
had some funny times drawing on the sun as the Top Hat section is taller than both of us.  And so, when it came to me doing the main painting of it, I had to pull the paint out of the box, flip it over and stand on it (as we hadn't brought a ladder!).  The trials of being a shortie!  I tell ya!  But we had our fun with the sun on the box.
Once we had it drawn on, I cut out the circular section where the sun's centre went to draw in that area and then we were set to put on the rays and then some white birds.  We put some undercoat on before painting the sun a gorgeous orange (for the centre) and bright yellow for the rays.  So, that the orange centre wouldn't be tagged, I painted in red swirls that were visible from the road.  And once we had three coats of yellow on, I outlined the whole sun in a cool red so it stood out brilliantly.  The rays were orange and outlined in red.  Mum did some birds flying all over the blue sky and had to work on them.  She tried to make them look like Seagulls but when they looked like they had been picked off one by one(with red dots for beaks and eyes, it wasn't looking very nice), she decided to just stick with a nice white colour.  Then, to finish it off, Mum mixed a nice green together and painted the concrete underneath the TSB making it look like grass.

It was very hot work, but it's been worth it.  I do love the way it worked out; and so does Mum.  I would love to do another one next year.  Mum would be in it with me for sure!  I'll have to work on another design soon to get the wheels in motion for next Winter as today was so hot, we agreed doing this in the Summer months would be dreadful for both of us. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TSB - Day Four!

Today, Mum and I finally finished the Traffic Signalling Box!  Yes!  After one extension, we spent all day today from 11am until 5pm applying the finishing touches.
It was a freezing cold day to get out there and do it but our last day to get into it was tomorrow, and so we made the commitment to  get it completed today.  So, once we were unpacked, we found the wind was coming from all directions and we had to hunt up some rocks from around the nearby tree to keep down the drop cloths.  All day, we were chasing down lids and plastic wrap from the brushes; it was funny, but it was freezing!  I had on both my painting shirts, a hoodie and a jumper with a cap to keep my head warm.  And I also brought along two cushions I usually use for reading outside to sit and kneel on when we had to do any painting down low on the box.
When we were wishing for a cup of coffee, Dad showed up with two drink thermos' of tea; nice and piping hot for us to drink!  He had stayed home today feeling a little under the weather and thought it would be nice to bring us something hot to drink.  What a great person to think of us out there like that.
The traffic got busier as the afternoon wore on and we felt the wind change and become cooler; but we kept on going until I put on the last bit of green paint on one of the
leaves around the back and Mum and I whooped in celebration!  It was done!  All we had to do was sign our names and date it!  Before that, though, the people who owned the house came out and had a look at our work.  An older lady - about Mum's age - told us that they were really excited that the box was finally getting painted and have been watching get better as the weeks passed and we had our days at it.  The lady said the each time they came home, something had been added to it and it looked even more lovely than before.  She was an artist herself and her granddaughter is a brilliant artist; and is still in high school.  I said that if she's great, she should look into working on one of the boxes with a family member as a practice for bigger works.
Well, as I finished the last bit of green, 5pm has just passed.  We packed up quickly and got some great photos of it as the sun went down and the temperature turned cooler.  If I had the chance to do another one, I'd definitely get in and do it!  It's a big thing to get into physically and mentally, but it's so much fun and my work is out in the public eye for a long time.  I do encourage anyone who has the patience and energy to try it out.  Urban Smart Projects' website is on the sidebar if you'd like to find out more about their work and other TSB's that have been painted around Brisbane. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

TSB - Day Three

Well, today, it warmed up fast and Mum and I were late getting to the TSB site.  So, we didn't panic; going at our own pace as it became hot really quickly.  The good this was that I knew what I wanted to do straight away:  I had to make the leaves on the stalks bigger.  And so, I did.  I drew around the ones already there and worked in the bigger - better-looking - leaves.  I painted the lighter green on first and then darkened it to a nice, darker green; which has set off the whole design really well.

Mum and I had gone out yesterday and last night; we were pretty tired from doing that.  However, seeing we took our time and kept our water up.  We were really grateful there was a lovely cool breeze as it dried the paint quickly; and kept us cool too! But the sun was really hot.
Lunch was freshly made hot chips from the fish'n'chip place across the road and I also bought some tartare sauce (home made; not store-bought) and a bottle of water for Mum. 
Later on, she drank it down.  I was thankful I got it at lunch.
During the day, the lady who lives in the house that borders this TSB came home.  She said it was nice to meet the artists who did these things.  She told us that her daughter was absolutely over the moon when she saw the the box had been painted blue and then the flowers were next.  And now, she can tell her daughter she met us. She also said it's looking lovely.  But we've got one more day to work on it; but she doesn't mind that we've parked right in front.

We began work today at 11am and came home at 3:30pm... what a long day.  But we got a lot done since Saturday; where we got a lot done then too.  Our next session will be our last seeing we have only the fiddly detailing to do and that's it.  I'll have to make sure to take detailing brushes with me; well more than one!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

TSB - Day Two

It's almost been a week since Mum and I were at the Traffic Signaling Box and when we arrived at 11am this morning, we found that it hadn't been tagged. Yay!
We unpacked quickly, laid down the drop cloths and orange markers and donned our bright vests and got to work on applying the templates.  It was funny and interesting work.  Mum was really great at getting the centre of the flowers right and we got in and mixed the paints with the help of the mixing chart on the inside of the lid.  
Work was slow and as we had to put on three coats of each colour.  Dad showed up with a much-needed lunch of pies and pasties... yummo!  And he suggested we painted the rest of the flowers with a white before applying the colour.  So, we tried that and voila!  It was a lot easier. 

By the time we got most of the flowers painted white, I had drawn up the stalks in pencil; with the leaves as well.  We had taken a few breaks and found that traffic was slowing down to take a look at what we were doing; thus there were fair few people beeping horns at the lights.  And an accident nearly occurred when a tow-truck nearly rear-ended a nice white sedan.  The sedan was forced to run the red light so it wasn't destroyed.  It was scary to watch on and not be able to do anything about it.
While I went to get a drink earlier in the day, I spotted a gorgeous Thunderbird on a car trailer at the service station.  It was red and American-built!  I asked if they could stick around for a few minutes while I got my camera and took some photos of it.  They said yes and I ran back to the car and grabbed by camera.  Isn't she a beauty?  The owners had just bought her and were taking her back to Rockhampton!  What a car!

Well, we've got one more session to do on the TSB and it'll be finished.  I think I have to paint the leaves a little bigger and they'll be sweet.  Otherwise, it looks lovely and eye-catchingly pretty.   We finished the session today at 4pm... what an exhausting day!  I bet I'll be sore tomorrow!

Monday, August 9, 2010

TSB - Day One

What an exhausting afternoon I had with Mum!  At first, though, we didn't think it was going to happen because it rained heavily; then fined up.  But we got going and spent three hours on the first session on the Traffic Signaling Box.

Mum parked the 4X4 on the footpath near the box and we unpacked and washed it down with sugarsoap and water.  It was filthy!  Then, after drying it off, we painted on two coats of undercoat and waited for it to dry.
I mixed the first coat of background colour - a lovely sky blue.  I called it Budgie Blue ( looked very much like the colour my budgie... honestly, it did!).  Anyway, the roller we used was still in a bucket of water and no matter how dry I tried to get it the paint was still watery.  So, we had to take the first coat a little slow.  Once the first coat of that dried - after half an hour or so - we used a paintbrush to put on the second coat.  The brush I used was a proper brush bought from Bunnings; not from an art store.  It looked great!

We decided that while we were waiting for the paint to dry (and while we looked like Council workers in our vests...hehe), we'd get a few photos taken of the site and something to eat.  I bought along some nuts, a banana and something to drink.  Mum ate nearly all my nuts and I scoffed down the banana and then we kept working on the box.
It was a good day and we soon had to pack up as we were very tired and there wasn't really much else we could do as the weather was beginning to turn on us.  Clouds were building around the back of Woodridge.  So, we began folding up the dropsheets and took off our vests and made sure we didn't leave any rubbish anywhere before driving away.  But the Traffic Signaling Box sure looked bright and lovely when we looked at it from the traffic lights... very bright and pretty.  I can't wait to finish it!
I just hope it doesn't get tagged between now and the next time we get to it; after the rain goes away.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

TSB Box Arrives!

Last Wednesday afternoon - around 4:45pm - the Urban Smart Projects box arrived at my parent's house.  It showed up just fifteen minutes after Mum arrived home... how's that for good timing?  Well, I got the phone call from Mum and the next day, she arrived to find me very sick with a bad headache, but the box was in the back of her Pajero.  So, I brought it inside and opened it up.
After reading the instructions, I found there were pots of paint, three dropsheets, two vests, empty container and a other things to use while I'm at the Traffic Signaling Box.  It's all pretty straight forward.  We photocopied all the letters and printed out my acceptance letter a few times and then we were all set.  I can't wait to get into it and paint the whole
The great thing is that I've been prepared for this for the last month; buying brushes and getting things from the shop for it all.  The calendar has been kept as free as possible and I'm really looking forward to doing it; as is Mum (who is going to be there with me).  I said that to help get it done, she could paint it with me.  It's such a basic design, she could paint some of the flowers and be part of the project.  She's so excited that I asked her to help with it; and so she'll be dressed in old painting gear.  I said even if she has to be in overalls that she used to paint the house, it would be good.

Tomorrow afternoon, Mum and I are going to be heading to the Traffic Signaling Box and getting in to paint it.  I've been to it to check out what I can and can't paint, find the keyholes, numbers, hinges and other pieces I have to avoid and then there's the reflectors I've been told are on the box, but they've been painted over by other people.  So, I don't have a choice but to tell Urban Smart that that's what's happened.  Well, I'll keep you all up to date with photos of what the TSB looks like before an after we've done painted it up... it ought to look great!

Until my next post, keep creating and keep knitting. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is Your House An Art Gallery?

Okay, I don't mean, a real one, I mean do you have pieces of work around that you've collected from across the world or across town or even across generations that mean a lot to you; so much that you thought it deserved a place on your wall?  I can say that I do.  So, here's a photographic list of my work around my small - yet lovely - home.

 At the top of the stairs you can see this century-old mirror from my front door.  It was first owned by my Great-Grandmother.  What a lovely piece of artwork; and I love it being in my home.

 I bought this piece at an auction to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation of Queensland.  It's a Wayne Clements original and he painted it at Centro at Springwood years ago.  It was the last time I saw him doing public work.

 This is a Darcy Doyle print that a friend of mine posted up to me from Melbourne for one of my birthdays.  I love his work and it was lovely of her to send it all that way for my birthday.

 Now, I've been wanting to hang this in the house, but haven't found a hook strong enough for it.  So, the unfortunate thing has happened that it's stuck behind the television for now.  I want to hang it in the stairwell along with other works of mine.

 This is just outside the kitchen and is a spin-off of the above one behind the television.  I do love it; but it didn't sell at the exhibition.  And that's unfortunate.

 I bought this one in Chester, UK for 10 pounds.  We had a limited amount of time to wander around the city; but I didn't want to walk around too much as I had friends I was coming back who wanted to surprise me.  So, I stuck to looking at the East Gate Clock and the wall; and found an artist who was selling some lovely work... and I thought to buy this one.  This ones is just inside my bedroom door.

 This is my own work called 'Eighteen Butterflies'.  Trust me, there's 18 there!  I get a lot of people saying there's not, but there is.  It's a great optical illusion that played well at an art competition at Brunswick Heads. This one's above my bed.

 This lovely one is across from my bed, next to my bedroom window and I look at it every night before retiring and wake to it every morning.  Sitting Bull really does help me keep my head about me and the Commandments ring so true in today's society.

 Two of my favourite movie stars are always watchin' me... and a great artist too!  These have been on my wardrobe door since I moved into my unit in 2002.  After Heath's death, I just haven't had the heart to take his down.

 This one was bought at a Blockbuster Video store... actually I put it on layby and clean forgot about it!  Then, one day, the manager told me they needed me to pay off my layby and pulled it out absolutely covered in dust!  So, out came my wallet and I paid it off!  Thank God I had driven the car down that day; it had also begun to rain too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Signed On The Dotted Line...

Today, after a few things were done around the ridges of Logan, I got onto a computer with a printer/scanner attached and signed the contract to the Traffic Signaling Boxes.  It feels so good that I'll be working on one of these things and Mum wants to be my companion while I'm there (as it's in the contract that I must have a second person with me for safety reasons).  

So, all I need to do is wait now... how tense... how fun... how... exciting!  I can't wait until I get my box goodies (paint, rules and flouro vest) and get into working on this box that will be out in the public eye for all to see.
First I'll have to talk to the residents who live right on the fenceline of it and let them know I'll be there for a few days and that I'm not casing their place or a prowler of any kind; just your run-of-the-mill artist trying to make the world a better place through art and paint.

I hope this works... I really do.. as if it does, I'll be doing more of the Traffic Signaling Boxes around Logan.  The people at Clayfield said that I was the first to put my hand up to paint one that they know of because of the area.  I'll keep you all posted about how it goes; and I'll take before and after photos of it too!

I'm also still working on my knitting.  I'm in the process of making a blanket for next Winter for the lounge; seeing how cold it's been getting.  I'm enjoying it and it's progressing nicely.  All the squares are going well.  After about 25 or so, I'll be stitching them all together and then doing a blanket stitch around the whole thing to keep it from falling apart.  But that'll be a few months into the future yet.
Until my next post, keep knitting and keep creating!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Project!

It's been a long time since I wrote here; and I have a good reason.  There really hasn't been all that much going on for me in my arty ways.  So, I thought to change that.
I volunteered to paint up one of the Traffic Signaling Boxes that are around the street corners here in Logan.  Now, normally, the Main Roads Department don't reach out as far as Logan City, but seeing the one I've had my eye on is on a road that is one that is on an arterial road, they have let me have a go.
After my third design being handed into the TSB Urban Smart Project people at Clayfield through their site online, they said they'd accept it!  So, all I needed to do was let them know of the dates and sign their contract.  I've put in the dates and will be signing the contract as soon as possible (tomorrow) and then, I'll be getting in and painting my first TSB... what a lot of fun!
Once I've got this one under my arty belt, I can others.  Hopefully, bringing colour to an otherwise very dull part of Logan City.  I hope to get more done in the future.
I'll keep you guys informed about others I hope to be doing soon, what the design looks like in the sketch book and what it'll look like once finished on the boxes and you'll be able to find it too once I get my name working around the area.

Until my next post on my arty works and other outsider artworks I've found for you.  Keep knitting and keep being creative.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Projects In Progress

At long last, I've completely painted up all the Dolly Pegs!  Yep, that's that particular project complete!  This afternoon, I sprayed them with varnish as they sat connected to an old glass coffee percolator container and then as each one came to the end of drying, I hung them on the line to dry faster in the breeze.  It's always the inside pieces that don't dry all that well when they're positioned like this.  By the time all of them were almost ready to come inside, there were only about eight that had to be put back onto the edge of the pot to finish up inside.

Smelly work... really smelly work considering I'm working with aerosol varnish and I have to be outside for this part.  But the end product is absolutely worthwhile!

My next project is to do with painting again and collage.  I'll be back into finishing my uncompleted works and doing collage work; just like before.  However, I'll also be painting a Traffic Signaling Box down the road from me.  First, though, I'll have to get my design into the people at Clayfield before next week is up.  I'll express post it and it'll be okay.  I hope I get the job; even though it's on a volunteer basis, I know it'll be fun.
The one thing I'll have to do is let the people know who have the TSB right outside their house what I'll be doing there in case they think I'm some creepy person sussing out their house for the next week or so.  Once I know I've got permission to paint the box, I'll let them know what I'm up to.  I'm really excited about this project because it'll mean my art is out in public and I'll be able to do more of them around Logan City if I want to (seeing not many Logan artists want to do them). 
Well... now, I've updated my arty things with you guys, I'll keep you uptodate with photos too soon in the coming weeks.  Take care and until my next post, keep knitting and keep creating.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adding Colour to the Clothes Line

To some, pegs are pegs; they are used to hang out
the laundry, made of plastic and go brittle after a year or so of use.
For me, my pegs are Dolly Pegs bought from the hardware store; they are durable and very much a part of my artworks as they are a part of my laundry.  However, when I moved into my unit, I found that I didn't have the most honest of neighbours.  I found that some of my plastic pegs were going missing and my clothes were on ground - my clean clothes that I had just washed and hung out. 
So, this is when I brought the Dolly Pegs out and painted them up, varnished them and used them.  They added colour and pizazz to my daily use of the clothes line.  And they caused me to catch out my neighbours as thieves of clothes pegs.  Now, this may seem petty; but when the said neighbours had a container overflowing with my plastic pegs (as well as theirs), I had a right to take back my nicely painted wooden ones.  Don't they look just lovely? 

They have lasted around six years and I've begun painting up another lot of them to add to the growing number I have with new designs.  I had dedicated some to my favourite footy team, one to my budgie and others to my country and favourite colours.  It's a fun way to not only pass the time but to also make hanging out the laundry fun.  The best thing is:  on a really windy day, my laundry will stay on the line.