Thursday, October 29, 2009

Old Paintings Lookin' New Again.

I've been looking through my older works and they really need saving. There's some that I rushed through and didn't finish for no real reason; and others that I said were finished, yet I didn't sign.

So, recently, I grabbed the ones that I wanted to put away and sorted through the rest and have organised myself to finish my unfinished paintings. It'll get me into my art again and I'll totally enjoy it as it'll get off the computer and working on other things around the house (and back into my knitting trees too!).
I'll keep you all up-to-date with what I've been doing and how well the paintings are doing (or not) and I'll be providing photographs with their progress too! So, stay tuned and you'll see them go from bad to good to better as I fix up my paintings from years ago into what they are supposed to have looked like to start with. Well, until my next post, keep knitting and keep creating.

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