Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is Just The Beginning!

I have had my share of paintings - good and bad - however, I've found that some of them just aren't finished. A lot of them haven't even been signed. So, while cleaning up the office one day recently, I put away the signed and finished ones and left the unfinished ones that looked rushed. And in the last two weeks, I began working on the first of many which are going to be fixed up and finished to how they were meant to look like. First though, I'm making sure I'm going to take a before photo so you can all see how they look before and after the fixing up.

This first one is un-named. So, I'm running a competition. Whoever can name this painting will be getting a book on art sent out to them. I'll make the draw once I've finished and signed it and taken another photo of the painting for all to see. You have to be in this to win this. This is an
international competition. And I found the perfect book! Here it is! If you'd like this book at the end of January next year, enter this competition to name the painting at the top of this post! Just leave your suggested name in the comments here on 'A Natural Background' and you can enter as many times as you like.

At the end of January 2010, I will be putting up the name of the winner in a new post with a photo of the completed painting. I'll be needing the winner to post an e-mail address I can contact them on for their mailing address to send them the book! Good Luck!

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