Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love, Hate and Vampires

I've been working on a collage recently - well okay, two of them.  One is called:  'Just A Girl' and it's about how society expects girls to grow up in a particular way.  From the moment they are born, they are given dolls, teddy bears, prams, little shopping trolleys and tutu's to play with while boys are given all the cool toys of Tonka Trucks, soccer balls, water pistols and skateboards.  So, 'Just A Girl' is about how girls shouldn't be put into a box - or boys for that matter either.
The other collage I'm working on is called:  'Love, Hate and Vampires'.  It's mainly using old books that I've scrounged from charity stores (don't worry, they were falling apart
anyway) and I've glued the covers, torn pages and other bits on the canvas of other pages as a background.  Then, using the paint colour red, I've represented three emotions:  love, hate and vampires.  It's yet to be finished and I've still got to tweak it to make it look more or less better than it does now.
Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on how it looks when I near completion.  It's look pretty good now, but I really want to make it look a little better than it does now.  The red looks too much like paint and less like blood... if you know what I mean.

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