Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arty Knowledge Basics

Since I began taking an interest in art and painting, I have found that no matter which medium I've used or what I've been painting a few things have always stood out as the norm.  

1.  Natural Light.  You have to have natural light or your work won't look as good as it's going to get.  You won't be able to apply the colours to their best extent and to the best of your abilities or find the right mix you want.
2.  Space.  If you don't have your own little bit of space to call your very own, you really can't settle in as an artist.  You have to have a place where you can keep everything and you don't have to put everything away all the time each time you've finished a session of work.

3.  Storage.  Yep, if you're going to put out work - and it doesn't sell - you have to have somewhere to store it.  Unused wardrobes are usually great.  I have my work in an unused wardrobe and some in my storage area under the stairs.  Some of it sits behind my front door too.  I'm starting to need an exhibition to shift some of it soon.
These are the must-needs.  Other things are small things; like a clean out once in a while; so you can sort out the paint that's good from the paint that's gone off.  
Replacing brushes when they need it and not when they've fallen apart on you or when they're too stiff to use is another (and figure out which brushes you use the most and put them off to one side and find out which ones you use the least and toss those).  
The one thing I do enjoy is walking through art shops and finding things that I've been meaning to replace and keep forgetting to and purchasing them; especially when I find them on sale... it's even better! 
So, do you have any art secrets you could depart to us?  If so, what are they?  Leave a comment and let us know of them.

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