Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gerhard Richter's Work

Today, I'm watching a program about the brilliant artist, Gerhard Richter. I found this program by accident on my Zeebox app on my iPod and have found it a very interesting insight to a seasoned artist of is calibre.

During this hour and a half program the cameras have been permitted into his studios, his life and into his mind to show the true artist who has lived a lifetime through the paintbrush. I have noticed he's a very candid person who is direct in his interviews (which take place during this showin his large studio in Germany) as he sorts through old photographs on a large table. Every now and then, she camera shows a photo up close and you find it's of his family and himself.

This is a very in depth show of a wonderful Euopean artist. There are so many great ones out there we tend to miss them in the hubbub of everyday life. This particular show is two years old but I still enjoyed watching it.

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