Monday, June 9, 2014

Frida Kahlo

I absolutely adore Frida Kahlo's work, really I do.  She had such a passion for life and painted with brilliant colours and heart that she wasn't appreciated enough in her life when she was alive... and now she's no longer with us, everyone loves her work.

It's not the most amazing thing about her though...

I watched a movie about her life last night, this movie caused me to think hard about how much pain - physical pain - she suffered throughout her life.  

At a young age, Frida was involved in a bus accident which caused her to be in a full-body plaster cast for a long time because her back was badly damaged.  And due to the damage happening in a time when doctors could do very little for her, she just had to put up with the treatments of the time - the 1920's and 1930's. 

However, she was a determined woman.  She vowed to walk again.  She vowed to make something of herself - and she did.  Frida had to work hard for what she wanted in life; as being a artist was wrong for a woman in the eyes of society.  Frida changed that through a lot of hard work and a supportive family, friends and husband - who just couldn't stay loyal to her no matter how many chances she gave him.
However, she traveled with him when he was given chances to work in New York City and around America.  And they soon found out she was unable to have children when she miscarried and nearly died.  There was so much in this movie that I can't cover it in just this post.  However, I loved its colour, its beauty, how the paintings were mixed in with her life, her loves and her pain.  The whole piece was brilliantly cast and I want to see it again just to enjoy it even more.

What do you love about your favourite artist?  Mine is Frida Kahlo... and for a variety of reasons, I can relate to her.  However, I'd like to know yours.  Until my next post, keep creating.

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