Monday, July 6, 2009

Knitting fast - but slow installations

Last month, I only put out one installation and had a limited amount of leather bootlace to go around. At the moment, I'm knitting like no tomorrow and so there's not a lot of the swatches to go around - more than enough. However, there's only three bootlaces left hanging off my easel out the back; so I have to wait until Triple B have more off cuts for me.

However, the weather has been cold enough for me to be making larger pieces to put on the trees; and so they have been on bigger needles and appear as though they are supposed to go around the trunk; instead of the branch! But I'm thinking of working on thicker branches with the bolder colours out there; seeing that I've seen larger balls of wool in the shops now.
So, don't worry, I haven't forgotten this part of the blogs. It's just that the bootlaces are a little low - that's all. I'm still creating and knitting up a storm at night in front of the television while watching 'Two and a Half Men' and 'The Big Bang Theory' (and I love the latter show for the quick wit and humour!). There's still more stitches to learn in my little book of knitting too!

Until next time, keep knitting and keep creating!

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