Monday, July 13, 2009

Strawberries & Cream

I find that whenever I install my work at any time of year, I sweat a lot! It may be because I'm worried about people picking on me and laughing, kids laughing at me (and believe me, kids can be pretty cruel!) or me trying to explain exactly what my art work is. However, once my work is up on the tree with the tag attached, I loved to get out the camera and get in a few shots. And I had to really walk a long way to find this tree. It's on Audrey Street in Slacks Creek; around the back of the old Argonaut Skate Centre. It's the skate centre where I learnt to roller skate when I was young and I got all my cloth badges; however now, I'm not sure what it is. The last I heard, it was converted into a church.
Anyway, I was going to try to get some of my work onto Reserve Road, but there were no trees on the footpaths; so I tried my luck on the first side street but found that some of those trees were either too young or needed a prune badly. So, I kept walking and found the pretty and quiet cul-de-sac of Audrey Street.
While kids played their version of State of Origin, I stitched this pretty double-8ply and double coloured creation to
the tree. And isn't it beautiful? I thought it would be nice and eye-catching right on the footpath too. The best thing was that I felt I didn't need to hurry as there was no traffic, no people in a hurry walking past and nobody popped their heads over the fence and asked me questions of what I was doing there. So, besides the weather looking rather ominous, I was going well.
However, I did forget my pen, so I took a nice photo of street sign which I thought to include in this post.
Until my next installation... keep creating and keep

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