Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Art Project!

I've been trying my hand at recycled materials for a while now without much success. However, whenever I get my hands on old wooden chairs, boxes or anything that can be pulled apart and sanded down, I love it. So, I've begun looking along the footpaths around the time of the Council Pick-ups to scavenge for any such items that may be useful enough where I can give them a second life.

Like this chair I'm currently working on. It's an old dining chair and I've taken it apart, left the steel frame out in the garden and taken a piece of sanding paper to the wooden seat until I've found a shape I'm happy with; then I've put a background colour (white) on it and took some designs from my old paintings from about a year or so ago and drew the design on. And now look at it... beautiful isn't it? And it's only half finished. I've still got some second coats to do and a spray of varnish and - voila! - it'll be ready to use on the hot days where I'll be out in the carport with the table from 'The Reject Store' at Sunnybank I painted in much the same way and this chair to read a book. Not a bad rescue if you ask me!

Stay tuned for more projects like this one and my knitting and other art works too that I get into. Otherwise, keep knitting and keep creating.

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