Friday, June 25, 2010

New Projects In Progress

At long last, I've completely painted up all the Dolly Pegs!  Yep, that's that particular project complete!  This afternoon, I sprayed them with varnish as they sat connected to an old glass coffee percolator container and then as each one came to the end of drying, I hung them on the line to dry faster in the breeze.  It's always the inside pieces that don't dry all that well when they're positioned like this.  By the time all of them were almost ready to come inside, there were only about eight that had to be put back onto the edge of the pot to finish up inside.

Smelly work... really smelly work considering I'm working with aerosol varnish and I have to be outside for this part.  But the end product is absolutely worthwhile!

My next project is to do with painting again and collage.  I'll be back into finishing my uncompleted works and doing collage work; just like before.  However, I'll also be painting a Traffic Signaling Box down the road from me.  First, though, I'll have to get my design into the people at Clayfield before next week is up.  I'll express post it and it'll be okay.  I hope I get the job; even though it's on a volunteer basis, I know it'll be fun.
The one thing I'll have to do is let the people know who have the TSB right outside their house what I'll be doing there in case they think I'm some creepy person sussing out their house for the next week or so.  Once I know I've got permission to paint the box, I'll let them know what I'm up to.  I'm really excited about this project because it'll mean my art is out in public and I'll be able to do more of them around Logan City if I want to (seeing not many Logan artists want to do them). 
Well... now, I've updated my arty things with you guys, I'll keep you uptodate with photos too soon in the coming weeks.  Take care and until my next post, keep knitting and keep creating.

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