Monday, July 19, 2010

A New Project!

It's been a long time since I wrote here; and I have a good reason.  There really hasn't been all that much going on for me in my arty ways.  So, I thought to change that.
I volunteered to paint up one of the Traffic Signaling Boxes that are around the street corners here in Logan.  Now, normally, the Main Roads Department don't reach out as far as Logan City, but seeing the one I've had my eye on is on a road that is one that is on an arterial road, they have let me have a go.
After my third design being handed into the TSB Urban Smart Project people at Clayfield through their site online, they said they'd accept it!  So, all I needed to do was let them know of the dates and sign their contract.  I've put in the dates and will be signing the contract as soon as possible (tomorrow) and then, I'll be getting in and painting my first TSB... what a lot of fun!
Once I've got this one under my arty belt, I can others.  Hopefully, bringing colour to an otherwise very dull part of Logan City.  I hope to get more done in the future.
I'll keep you guys informed about others I hope to be doing soon, what the design looks like in the sketch book and what it'll look like once finished on the boxes and you'll be able to find it too once I get my name working around the area.

Until my next post on my arty works and other outsider artworks I've found for you.  Keep knitting and keep being creative.

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