Monday, August 9, 2010

TSB - Day One

What an exhausting afternoon I had with Mum!  At first, though, we didn't think it was going to happen because it rained heavily; then fined up.  But we got going and spent three hours on the first session on the Traffic Signaling Box.

Mum parked the 4X4 on the footpath near the box and we unpacked and washed it down with sugarsoap and water.  It was filthy!  Then, after drying it off, we painted on two coats of undercoat and waited for it to dry.
I mixed the first coat of background colour - a lovely sky blue.  I called it Budgie Blue ( looked very much like the colour my budgie... honestly, it did!).  Anyway, the roller we used was still in a bucket of water and no matter how dry I tried to get it the paint was still watery.  So, we had to take the first coat a little slow.  Once the first coat of that dried - after half an hour or so - we used a paintbrush to put on the second coat.  The brush I used was a proper brush bought from Bunnings; not from an art store.  It looked great!

We decided that while we were waiting for the paint to dry (and while we looked like Council workers in our vests...hehe), we'd get a few photos taken of the site and something to eat.  I bought along some nuts, a banana and something to drink.  Mum ate nearly all my nuts and I scoffed down the banana and then we kept working on the box.
It was a good day and we soon had to pack up as we were very tired and there wasn't really much else we could do as the weather was beginning to turn on us.  Clouds were building around the back of Woodridge.  So, we began folding up the dropsheets and took off our vests and made sure we didn't leave any rubbish anywhere before driving away.  But the Traffic Signaling Box sure looked bright and lovely when we looked at it from the traffic lights... very bright and pretty.  I can't wait to finish it!
I just hope it doesn't get tagged between now and the next time we get to it; after the rain goes away.

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