Sunday, August 8, 2010

TSB Box Arrives!

Last Wednesday afternoon - around 4:45pm - the Urban Smart Projects box arrived at my parent's house.  It showed up just fifteen minutes after Mum arrived home... how's that for good timing?  Well, I got the phone call from Mum and the next day, she arrived to find me very sick with a bad headache, but the box was in the back of her Pajero.  So, I brought it inside and opened it up.
After reading the instructions, I found there were pots of paint, three dropsheets, two vests, empty container and a other things to use while I'm at the Traffic Signaling Box.  It's all pretty straight forward.  We photocopied all the letters and printed out my acceptance letter a few times and then we were all set.  I can't wait to get into it and paint the whole
The great thing is that I've been prepared for this for the last month; buying brushes and getting things from the shop for it all.  The calendar has been kept as free as possible and I'm really looking forward to doing it; as is Mum (who is going to be there with me).  I said that to help get it done, she could paint it with me.  It's such a basic design, she could paint some of the flowers and be part of the project.  She's so excited that I asked her to help with it; and so she'll be dressed in old painting gear.  I said even if she has to be in overalls that she used to paint the house, it would be good.

Tomorrow afternoon, Mum and I are going to be heading to the Traffic Signaling Box and getting in to paint it.  I've been to it to check out what I can and can't paint, find the keyholes, numbers, hinges and other pieces I have to avoid and then there's the reflectors I've been told are on the box, but they've been painted over by other people.  So, I don't have a choice but to tell Urban Smart that that's what's happened.  Well, I'll keep you all up to date with photos of what the TSB looks like before an after we've done painted it up... it ought to look great!

Until my next post, keep creating and keep knitting. 

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