Friday, December 24, 2010

K-Mart Wishing Tree Donation

Each year, I've been giving to the K-Mart Wishing Tree at Woodridge Central Plaza.  It's to support the Salvation Army and to give people who are less fortunate a Christmas that they normally wouldn't have.  I began giving to it about four years ago; just buying small things really and taking them in about a week before Christmas Eve.
This year, I thought to do something different.  I was low on cash and had bee knitting a lot in front of the television - working on my blanket for next year - when I thought to knit a scarf and beanie for somebody for when the weather gets cold.  And what do you know?  This Christmas hasn't been exactly textbook Australian Summer... boiling hot and all, has it?  Well, over the last month or so, I pulled down one of my tried and true beanie patterns I had grabbed off the net and used it.  But no matter what needles I used (sizes 4 or 8), the beanie came out the same size... so I had a short scarf with two small beanies.  Now,I had planned to give these to teenagers; and had to quickly change my age groups to babies.  Not a problem!  The scarf is green and the beanies are green and creme; lovely colours that really could suit a boy or a girl.
When I arrived at K-Mart, the lady at the doors saw what I had made and was amazed that I had gone to the trouble.  She took them off me and found a bag; then commented on how soft they were.  I said that I had bought the wool right there in K-Mart and thought that something hand-made would be just the thing; nobody makes things anymore, everything being so material and fake.  She smiled and said that it was wonderful I took the time to work on something that will mean so much to somebody I'll most probably never meet. 
So, whoever you are out there.  When you receive the beanies and scarf for you little one, I do hope you enjoy them.  They didn't take long to make, but I love to knit and enjoyed making them instead of knitting my blanket; as it was something for you to use in your baby's life.

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