Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Logan Art Gallery Christmas Party 2010

This year, we were off to the Gold Coast Art Gallery.  This meant we took off an hour later in the day and had a more relaxing trip because it wasn't all that far from Logan City.  
The Gold Coast Art Gallery is set on a large piece of land with plenty of parking and is close to Q1 and Broadbeach.  The exhibitions were amazing.  The first one we looked at was of graduating art students.  They had some wonderful work and I loved quite a bit of the jewelry, even if it was out of my price range.  Then, I spotted a large metal dragonfly which I really wanted to get a photo of; so I got permission.  it was until later that I found out it was a Christopher Trotter work.  Isn't it lovely? 
Outside this large gallery is a Sculpture walk which is famous.  And fortunately, the weather was good to us on this day; as it wasn't raining but it was sunny enough for us to walk around.  I found a lot of the sculptures very original in their appearance; and I had a few favourites.  I did like the bottle covered in thongs and shoes; and how people were trying to pull them off too.  And the Sculpture walk went right along the spit to the end of a parkland area where it overlooked some water/river and you could see the tallest building on the Gold Coast across the way.  

This one's called 'The Elements'

If that wasn't enough, we were shuffled off - by bus - to Jupiter's Casino for an all you could eat, buffet lunch.  We had worked up an appetite for it and so many of us went back for seconds and thirds; but I only had my lunch of a very refreshing salad and a very sweet and delicious dessert with hot chocolate.  After our lunches we were given our presents of a drink thermos.  When I opened my envelope, I found that we were all given tickets to the Australian Army Band's 'Merry Melodys' night on 14th, December.  I was given the ticket of one of my married friends as they were going to be in Tasmania at that time.  So, I'll see if Mum wants to go - or my Aunty Helen.
After we got our goodies, I took a wander around Jupiters and got a lovely photo of the staff putting up the tree in the lobby.  I also bought about 11 postcards for $5.00; and have sent off 6 so far.  Then, I sussed out the gift shop and found out why nobody buys the souvenirs from there... too darn expensive!
Well, we dozed on the way home and got our annual photo taken.  For anyone who's friends with me on Facebook, you can find my album of this on there; otherwise, I'll upload more photos as the new year comes in.  

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