Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Art Opening at Barsoma's

Last night, I went out to Barsoma's in Fortitude Valley to see Geoff Treagus' art opening.  I traveled there early in the afternoon and found they hadn't arrived yet; and so the staff at Barsoma's recommended a cafe next door to them called Kerbside.  
This place looked like the owners had gone to every 1960's garage sale around Brisbane and dragged what they had bought there back to this large warehouse and placed all their purchases in a such a way that it would kinda fit... and you know it looks pretty good!  They had it all set up in sections.  I was sitting in the 'Ice Vo-Vo Lounge' area and the next one along was 'The Garden Setting' where all the garden settings were placed.  It all looked out of place; yet it all worked together really well!  So, I settled myself into the 'Ice Vo-Vo Lounge' in a nice old-style rocking chair with my latte and let the last hour of travel and walking around busy Brisbane city vanish out of my feet and legs as I dozed a little and sipped the lovely coffee milk.
By around 4:45pm, I had finished my latte and had gathered together my gear, sorted out my camera, backpack (as I was staying overnight at my friend's house after the opening) and I left.  The people at the bar of Kerbside farewelled me and I waved to them thanking them for a lovely coffee (the best thing about this place is that once you've seated yourself with your coffee and eats, the people leave you alone... you don't have to leave if you don't want to; and that's great!  You don't feel rushed to drink and eat your goods and get out - unlike some places I know).  
Geoff and Viv were on their way and I only waited outside Barsoma for a few minutes before seeing them.  We went around the back and they prepared Geoff's paintings with labels and his blurb about how he sees himself with his art.  After writing down the price list, we settled into the group setting that was reserved for his and her friends and got ourselves a drink each.  It was the first time that day they had sat down and relaxed.
Soon, their friends showed up and the pizzas were ordered (I had ordered my pizza first off because I was absolutely ravenous and when everyone saw mine, they wanted their own!).  Then, the place really began to fill up with a birthday party, diners and party-goers who were there just to hear the DJ play.  All this gradually occurred throughout the night until around 10:30pm when we all decided to take off as one by one we were beginning to feel the day catch up with us; after all, we had to catch a train to Thorneside, which was another 25 minutes away.  
This morning - after one of the coldest nights around Brisbane - I looked at my photos of the Barsoma opening and thought it was great to see all that great art there.  Congrats, Geoff for your art going public! 

Just a few of Geoff's paintings at Barsoma on Constance Street in Fortitude Valley.  They're all up for sale and are brilliantly painted.

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