Monday, August 22, 2011

Yarn Sale!

On Saturday, Mum took me out to Spotlight at Logan.  Now, there used to be one closer to me over near Springwood, and I could bus it there, however a big Home-maker Centre opened up about a kilometre up the road and I'm unable to get there because the buses just don't go there.  Strange but true.
Anyway, Mum phoned and offered to take me there for a look around.  So, I moved some money from one account to another and got ready to go and she picked me up.  We grabbed a trolley and started looking around this place.  
Now, for those of you who have never heard of this place, it's where you go if you want to decorate a new home with lovely things, redecorate an old home with better things or just recreate your own character with a few well-picked items.  Me?  I usually head straight for the hobby section where the tapestries, knitting needles and crochet hooks are.  Fortunately, I had a trolley with me - and not a basket - as I found a lot of knitting yarn that looked and felt gorgeous; and yet it wasn't expensive.  I grabbed a couple of 100gm balls in a lovely lavendar colour and thought that was what I could afford.  When Mum spotted them, she was astounded and asked where I had gotten them.  
That was when all sense went out the window... honestly.  We came out of Spotlight with around $70 worth of yarn (including some for her; and that was about ten 50gram balls; the rest was for me), a lounge cover for my lounge, a set of red double bed sheets and two bath towels.  Yep, we worked out her credit card, well and truly.  So, I offered her a coffee downstairs at Gloria Jeans... and she accepted.  It was a great afternoon of looking, perusing and laughing between us.  And aren't the colours of the yarn just gorgeous?  I will show you what projects will be done with each lot of colour/texture as they come up in future posts. Until my next post, keep creating. 

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