Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New To You

Have you ever worked on something in where it's new to you?  For me, it's self-portraits.  I'm not a person who can draw or paint people all that easily, so I've avoided trying as I get the perspective all wrong.  However, last year, while  I was stuck for something new to paint, one of my friends suggested that I try out doing my first self-portrait.  

It was a great success.

A lot of people didn't think it looked like me though.  However a self-portrait is what you look like to you; nobody else.  And your first one never looks all that great... just like your first painting never looks great.
This year, I've begun working on another self-portrait and it's from a different perspective completely, one where I needed some assistance from one of artist friends.  He needed me to model for him for a new line of work he's doing; and I needed a new lot of photos to work from with my self-portrait.  So, we killed two birds with one stone and I modelled for both of our ideas last week.
I picked out a half-lotus pose where I'm meditating for two of my Chacras and he's picked out another of a reclining pose.  Both are coming along quite well.  however, I'm not going to reveal anything just yet; unlike my other pieces, this one will be kept a secret until it's completely finished.  There's a lot of work to be done on it and I'm very excited about it... and so far it does look very promising.
So do tell, where in your art life have you needed a change - wanted it - and didn't know how to go about it?  And when you did change and work on it, did it work out?  Did you try something new or take something old and turn it on its ear?  Did everything work out?  Leave a comment and let us know, love to know what you're all working now now.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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