Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not All Black and White

I have to tell the truth:  I got stuck with the Melting Flowers painting.  My detailing brushes are stuffed and the ones I received for Christmas aren't the ones I was hoping for.  So, I have to put that painting on hold until I can get my hands on new detailing brushes to replace my old ones.
So, I pulled out another piece of canvasboard that had been painted over and painted it green (which, for some reason, helps me with new work) and started painting a black and white painting.  About a week ago, I was talking one of my friends and said that I'd love to do a painting completely in black and white; and the shades of grey in between.  It would be a real challenge.  However, as I started out, I realised this one wouldn't be completely like this.  It's going to have some colour in the middle; showing there is colour in the world of black'n'white.  I only started it today.  What do you think so far?

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