Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back On My Feet!

Doesn't it drive you to distraction when you turn into a clutz overnight?  Well, that happened three weeks ago when I tripped down the last two steps in my house and broke one of my toes in my left foot!  Now, a day or so ago, my niece has done the very same thing to the same toe on the other foot!  However, she did it during Tae Kwon Doe.  At least she wasn't being a clutz like her Aunty.
And now, I'm able to get around my place - and go some distance - without the use of the walking cane, I'm able to do some gardening and get into the painting again.  I'm absolutely stoked to work on at my easel by the back door!  However, over the last week - while I was still resting up a bit - I sorted out my paintbrushes; and tossed out three-quarters of them!  Yes, I had that many dreadfully old ones in the containers that I didn't realise they had built up.  So, into the bin they went and the small handful I had left are the ones I have to use.  There's another five or six that are in another container of medium-sized brushes and larger brushes that are contained with the paint - and within easy reach. 
So, I've bought new brushes, sorted out old ones, started painting again and have enjoyed working on my self-portrait again.  And it's always good to have new brushes to work with when you really do need them; especially detailing brushes.  Now, it won't be long until it's finished and I can work on the next painting - which is also half finished as well.  This one is one I worked on while I was sitting in the lounge one day and I got an idea for it while I had my foot up... so I sat there with some paint, water and brushes and worked on it while watching television.  After two hours I had gotten some really great work completed.  I haven't taken a recent photo of it yet, and will upload one soon.  Until my next post, keep creating!  

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