Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Collections Exhibition

A few posts back, I talked to you all about an invitation that was forwarded to me about my own collections and how I could display them in an exhibition.  I've got a few collections I could pick from and thought to go with my rare book collection.  
Now, I have got more information about this and found out there's 5 workshops and this Saturday is the first of them.  I'm going to take along my most valued books and - seeing it's a first workshop - we'll be brainstorming on what is needed to be done.
I can't wait to get this working and enjoying the processes of it all as we bounce ideas off each other each week or so at the Logan Art Gallery.  There's even a bus trip involved (and yes, I'll be taking photos if I'm permitted to).  I'll end up making a photo album via a link to photobucket so you can all have a good look at what I've been doing with my exhibition; and I'll keep it on the sidebar as well as a permanent exhibition well after it's been and gone as well.
Now, rest assured, my books are not going on display.  I'm not going to put them as risk of being stolen or destroyed.  Instead I may photocopy them or some pages from them and use those as an art project to show something about them and their assets in the exhibition; this is the idea of the collections exhibition - to preserve the original pieces and show what we can do as artists.  I'll keep you all posted about this exciting project as each workshop comes and goes... until my next post, keep creating!

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