Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gustav Klimt at 150 Years Young!

This morning, I was cooking breakfast when I received a phone call from my folks letting me know of Gustav Klimt's 150th Birthday this year.  Personally, I haven't heard of him, so I noted down the site Mum told be, ate breakfast and jumped on here to look it up.
And I'm totally amazed at the paintings this man did!  How beautiful!  How modern!  How do I put my amazement into words?  I can't.  Instead, I'll leave the link here for you all to click on and you can have a look for yourselves at this amazing artist's work.  I just find it hard to believe a lot of these works were done over a century ago.

Gustav Klimt 


  1. I painted a copy of his painting the kiss. I hadn't known his name either, but I really like his use of colors.

  2. He's great isn't it? I'd like to try out some of his modeling techniques with an artist I'm working with at some point in the next year... just to see how they work out.