Sunday, July 1, 2012

Collector's Workshop - Week 3

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling all that great.  I had had a broken night's sleep as I was woken in the middle of the night - twice! - by my landline only to find somebody out there had mistaken it to be a fax machine!  Not a great thing to do.

Well, I made it to my workshop in plenty of time, got changed into my painting outfit - as I was working with paint that day - and started on my project.  The first thing I did was lay out all my gear that I was going to use:  4 books, the large sketch book, sponges and notebook.  Then, I searched for paint, brushes, water, tea and anything else I would need for this afternoon to work.  
First things was first!  I began tearing the pages out of some of the books.  This caused everyone in the group to scream at me to stop!  I looked up and asked what was wrong?  They stared at me in utter shock... what was wrong?  Was I nuts?  I was tearing in to the pages of something I loved and collected and treasured!  Smiling, I held up one of the books and said I had bought them from a thrift store for .50c each; none of them were destined to be a part of my collection any time soon.  A lot of them were still a bit weird about how easily I tore into the books I had in front of me; but after they saw what I did with those pages - and heard my proposal of how I was going to display them at the Home Festival - they were amazed how pretty they were going to look.
We had ideas running around the place at how things were going to appear at the festival this month; from fridges to a bedhead, cushions and a bedroom kind of scene to a bookcase where we could all display books... and I could make an altered book about my why I write - if I wanted to.  I said it could be done.  
And today, while I was getting some housework done, I found backdated magazines of 'Good Reading' from 2009 and 2010 sitting underneath Little Miss Stevie as though waiting to be discovered just for that altered book project!  How good is that?  I'll be getting into that very soon.  
So, that was yesterday's workshop, and today's ideas for what I'll need to get done.  Next week, we'll have a few laminating machines working hard to get my pages laminated and ready for the Home Festival.

Collections Exhibition Workshop 2012 Album

Unfortunately, everything I'm saving on Photobucket is showing up all over the place... I have tried saving it oldest photos first; but it won't do it.  And I did put in descriptions; but it won't save that either.  So, I don't know what is going on, but Photobucket has got a lot of problems.

The photos you're looking for are sketch books, a page with a red border, a group of people talking and a young lady sorting out a set of speakers on a cd; then a close-up of the same photo of her.  These might come up first or last, who knows.  I have tried to work out photobucket, but it's not working the way I had hoped.

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