Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Project!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have an idea for something around the house; for my bedroom actually.  So, instead of sitting on it - mentally - I thought to head out to Garden City and see what I could find at Riot Art to make my idea a reality.

They had all kinds of things there; and I'm proud to say that - after about half an hour of mulling over scrapbooking split pins and jewellery chains and alligator clips - something clicked in my head!  I'd work on the painting... make it look great!... then, I'd attach the chain to the painting in strategic places with the split pins - putting them through the chain.  Then, I'd slip an alligator clip through between each split pin.  These alligator clips will hold my necklaces nicely and securely without destroying the chains or weakening at any point because they're metal.  The way I know is because I wouldn't attach my necklaces with the teeth, I'd use the little hole left just before the teeth begin... in between the jaw of it and the teeth, there's enough space for a necklace chain to go.

I know it's all in the planning stages right now, but I can see the finished product in my head.  This is my next project.  I know it will work; and I'll let you guys know when it's finished - complete with photos of how it's going.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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