Saturday, September 15, 2012

Family Photo Collection - Progress Report

I've been working hard on the family photo project.  It's hard when you're trying to surprise people in your family; and yet you need their opinion on things.  
So, over the last few fortnights, I've bought some great frames at K-Mart for well under $10 each and they're working out great!  Then, last pay, I bought the big, family-sized, multi-photo frame.  It cost me only $12 and looks great!  It fits 8 photos and I'm very pleased as it'll fit Mum, Dad, Gabe, Kat, Riley and Little Miss Stevie (my budgie) and Jay (Kat's dog); as I'm hoping to put individual photos into that one.  This photo frame will be the first one done and hung.  I've already sugar-soaped the wall (and that came up cleaner than I expected!  And seeing I've been living here for 10 years, that's something!).  I've also made it habit lately no to lean on that wall so I won't bump any of the photos once this collage is finished; so that's something sorted out.  I already have an idea of where the large picture frame will go so I can build around it with the other smaller frames with other photos of family in them.  I do look forward to doing those gradually - seeing I already have the frames; and I'll buy the Command Hooks for a couple of them every two weeks as I order in prints as well.  Then, by Christmas, a majority of the collage will have been done!  

But today, I took the usb drive to Mum and Dad's place and told them what I was planning.  You see, Dad doesn't like his face showing up on Facebook - and for a good reason.  He thinks it's not a great thing to be too public on the internet.  Being a blogger, I'm a public person, but he's not so public with the net like I am.  So, I thought to make sure I don't put up too many photos of him on the net and this year, I did a Christmas present the whole family can enjoy whenever they want at my place.  And when I miss my niece (who lives about 2 hours away from me), I have all these photos on the wall to make me happy.
Well, I plugged the usb drive into the dvd player while we were sitting having something to eat and a cuppa.  Well, the giggles and laughs I got out of Mum and Dad were great!  They told me which photos were good and which ones for me to remove - and I will - and we ended up watching all 30-something photos twice over for another laugh.  There was even a funny one of my late Uncle Allan swimming with Mum in his pool where they were both pulling the same funny face and I happened to take the photo at the right time.  Mum loves it; and I think I'll give that photo to her in a nice frame separately.

Well, that's all for the family photo collection right now.  It's been hard getting the editing done online... seeing I had to put it off when my last computer broke.  I'm so glad I found time yesterday and today to get some of my family to look at the photos I've got so far.  I'm looking forward to getting something up on that wall and making it look like something of an art project in the making.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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