Friday, January 11, 2013

Sketches on Holidays

Whenever I'm on holidays at Brunswick Heads, I find that the arty side of me gets itchy.  This is because there's no television and not a very good selection of radio stations.  So, when I have a clear-enough head from the big city, I find I want to photograph and draw everything I see.

And it's around this time, I realise I should have brought along something to draw with!  Not a problem, I went out and bought some cheap art materials and sat in the cool shade of the fly of the van and began on a drawing.  Here's the drawings from day one to the last one... there's not many as we got in and had some fun in between.

Camp Kitchen  

The camp kitchen is where everyone cooks.  It's a shared environment and we have all had great times there.  There's two BBQ plates, two hotplates, a toaster, a kettle, a microwave, a fridge (which is regularly raided by greedy people) and a massive sink to wash up in.  It's a great place to eat too if you don't want to eat at your van or don't have the space.

Paperbark Tree 

I drew this tree in the first drawing, but wanted to do one of it on its own.  I think it turned out better; but I needed a bigger sketch pad.

Tree Tops 

There's these big pine trees lining the front of the van park; and the tops of them all look different from each other.  I spent my last few days, trying to get them looking right... it was really hard.

On The Riverfront 

I drew this view on the river front when I was having lunch with my parents under the trees there.  There's boats all moored along the front, and the shade was lovely.  A few days later, I came home

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