Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy Art Week

This week has been one for the books.  I've been so busy art-wise that I've found myself wanting to just turn out the light without reading at night.

On Monday - as you know - I began attending a craft group.  And what a group!  The ladies at this group are lovely and very informative and friendly.  They do all kinds of art and enjoy each others' company very much and do the most wonderful art and craft.  And they have agreed to help me with learning to crochet too.  Fortunately, I took photos of how the hook has to rest on my fingers and the position of my hands so I don't forget for the next time I wish to crochet.

Otherwise, I've really gotten into my painting again; in more ways than one, and I got the best idea for finishing off a painting I got stuck on last year in of all places, but my shower (isn't that always the way?). Anyway, after I had the idea in my head, it wouldn't leave and so I pulled the painting out and tried out the idea and found it's worked!  How cool is that?

And over the last day or so, I've been sitting and painting more clothes pegs than I actually own personally.  These are to hopefull sell at the Logan Art Gallery.  If I can't sell them there, I'll try selling them at the Queen Beez Craft Group as the ladies there are anxious to see what other crafts I'm into.

So, that's what I've been up to this week.  I've been very busy and so I'm very tired from working hard at my art and craft.  What have you been getting your nose and hands into lately?  Until my next post, keep creating!    

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