Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recovery a Month On

It's been a month and I'm going well.  I'm knitting and painting pegs again; and have been sleeping getting back into photography again too.  

However, Mum and Dad are overseas and I've begun working on my front garden to make it look gorgeous.  And it's something that I've been meaning to get into as well.  So, what happens when I jump into a project I want to get done?  I injure myself; that's what!  A few days ago, I found my right fore arm began to hurt... and so off to the doctors I go only to find I have Tennis Elbow.  So, with the strap on my arm, my garden project has been slowed down markedly and I'm resting my arm as much as I can.
This means, I've begun a painting to keep my right arm from moving too much.  I'm also reading more too.  So, that's the main thing... to get my arm fixed up and myself back on track.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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