Friday, November 15, 2013

Only A Week and a Half To Go!

I don't have long to go until the Creative Markets at Springwood State School are going to be on!  And I'm working nearly every day and night to get my stock up and ready for that big day of selling.  I'm looking forward to it all as it's going to be fun and exciting - as well as a little scary - for me as I've never done a markets before.

So far, I've got plenty of stock, but I'm looking at working on more.  Here's what I have so far:

Sprung Pegs: 7 dozen (yeah, I need more)
Cool Pencils:  33
Dolly Pegs:  7 sets
Magna-Pegs:  21

My lots are coming up and I'm looking at working harder at making more Sprung Peg lots and Dolly Peg lots as well as more Magna-Pegs... seeing I have more than enough Cool Pencils right now.

Today, I set up the market stall in my car port and timed myself and found it only took me around 10 minutes to get the initial table and main stuff set up.  Otherwise, it'll take me another 10 minutes or so to get the rest of it finished with the decorating, pricing and other bits attached to it, hiding the boxes under the table and then sit down to have a drink... yeah, I'll be set up within around half an hour.  But then, I'll have to move the car.  So, it looks like I'll have to have somebody mind my stall while I'm gone for those few minutes... maybe a relative.  I'll have to organise that.  
You know, I don't have that much to organise now... it's mainly just details that are to be done up... you know, pricing and working out how much of a discount I can give if things aren't selling (which I don't think will be a problem, really).  

So, what are you getting into at the moment?  What's been your creative element you've been getting into?  Until my next post, keep creating.

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