Sunday, November 17, 2013

Work Progress

I've decided to work hard on getting as many pegs done as possible... and it's working out well.

Yesterday, I got:

Sprung Pegs:  2
Dolly Pegs:  4
Magna Pegs:  3

I have enough 'Cool Pencils' for the market so I'm only concentrating on pegs right now to get the numbers up.

Today, I got:

Sprung Pegs:  3
Dolly Pegs:  3
Magna Pegs:  1

So, I'm getting a fair bit done in 3 hours each time.  This afternoon, in about an hour's time I'll be back at it until later tonight... then tomorrow I'll record how much I got done all day (as I won't be going to my Craft Day with the ladies at the community centre).  I'll spend the whole day at home working on my pegs.  Then, on Tuesday, I'll varnish and wrap up the pegs I painted up and finished.  Let's just hope the parcel arrives from the UK of Dolly Pegs so I have more to paint tomorrow... if not, I'll report to e-bay what has happened and get them to talk to the retailer I bought them off.
Well, I hope you're being as creative as I am right now.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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