Thursday, December 12, 2013

All Prepared For Christmas!

I'm all ready for the Christmas Holiday season... what?  Christmas presents?  Nah, I don't mean those (but yeah, I bought all those and they're all wrapped under the tree ready to be ripped open on the day better known as 'The Orgy of Greed' to my family).  What I'm talking about is my craft supplies.

This week, I've spent that little bit more money on my supplies to make sure I don't have go anywhere to buy any supplies... and I mean, if I do, it'll only to get dolly pegs and that's it (Yep, they haven't arrived from the UK yet... that idjit hasn't heard of air mail... he sea mailed the damned things!).  
So, yesterday, I was up Garden City doing some last minute Christmas shopping and I needed to get some dolly pegs and bought myself a tub of gold paint.  Okay, sure, I have 3 tubes of gold paint, but they're on the lighter side now I've used a good lot of them... so I've decided to get myself a tub of the paint to cover all my bases.

Today, I was off to check the mail, put money onto my load&go card and then check on Mum and Dad's house for mail, any parcels that might show up and then off to the chiropractors.  However, on my way to those places, I went to the FDB's and scored myself 30 magnets - at $2.00 for 10 that's a great deal - and a roll of cellophane - which was also $2.00 a roll.  So for under $10, I have enough supplies to see myself through until the markets next February... yay!  I can't wait until I have it all sorted.

So, what are you getting up to this holiday season to prepare and keep yourself creating until the school holidays are over?  Do tell!  Until my next post, keep creating!

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