Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Week of Work

It's been a busy week of work for Crafty Pegs.  I've had plenty of ideas running through my head and they've worked out in the last few days of this past week.

On Thursday, I bought some treated pine at Bunnings and dowel and went to Mum and Dad's place to run past my Dad an idea to make a display rack for my new product of painted coathangers.  I had two done up for last month's markets, but this month, there will be more.

At first, I suggested we make a coat rack-like thing, but Dad said that it would fall over, even if we tried to make it as light as possible because the feet would have to be out wide.  So, we had to sit down and figure out another possibility; and came up with two stands that worked out a treat!

When I got home that night, I painted up the stands as much as I could and then got in and did some serious work on the my coathangers.  Right now, I have four all wrapped up and ready to sell; with another four in the process of being half-painted.  I just have to put designs on them and I'll varnish them, wrap them and they'll be ready to sell too for $10 each or two for $15.  Until my next post, keep creating.

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