Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Wants Bon-Bons?

Yep.... sounds like a whole new kinda crazy, but you read it right.  

I was falling asleep at around 1am the other night when an idea flashed under my lids... it was pretty, it was cute... it was Magna-Peg Bon-Bons!  I painted up 6 pegs of the one design - different colours - and attached them to some cardboard in the shape of the centre of a Christmas Bon-Bon!  then, I wrap this centre piece in celophane, tie gold or silver tie around the ends and there you have it!

A Magna-Peg Bon-Bon! 

I've made one ... and it was a great success!  So, I'll be working on making more for this month's Creative Markets and see how they'll sell.  And the price?  Well, $8.00 each... they'll be adorable enough to take off I think. 

Otherwise, I've been working on coathangers, new storage and getting my butt into working on other things for the market, to make things easier for myself.  Money's been a little tight this week, but next week, I'll be okay.  So, what have you been up to in your creative arts?  Until my next post, keep creating!

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