Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Busy Times Ahead... And Now...

Wow... it's starting to get really busy really quick and it's at the right time of getting really busy too.

I have markets starting up fast, a new line of work being included into 'Crafty Pegs' at my markets and a recycle/reinvent challenge my craft group online have introduced for us to take part in which has just started up for me today.

Okay, how did that happen?  I found a chair at the back of my unit complex.  This chair wasn't just any chair.  It was all wrapped up, looking like it was going to be moved or had been delivered or something, and the people didn't want it; so they dumped it up the back still wrapped up.
Today, I happened to put out my rubbish and chat to a neighbour who was told me that her next door neighbours just dumped their crap there, and something that was wrapped up (and who would wrap something then dump it?).  So, I went over and looked at it, unwrapped it and - OMG! - what a gorgeous chair! 

Okay, it doesn't have its cushions and it does have a little wear and tear on it, but I who cares.  I'll fix all that needs fixing on it.

It's going to become my Reading Chair... and I love it that it's got all that wear on it; that means it's got history.

Otherwise, I've been knitting up a storm of dishcloths.  People love them.  I've got a commission to make three for a lady who is an artist at the gallery; and I'm currently halfway through the first dishcloth she's asked me to make for her.  Very cool.

Well, there you have it.  I'm busy, busy, busy.  But I'll keep you updated with the chair, photos of what's going on with it, and how pretty it's going to look too.  

And the market for this week is at Murrarie State School; it was postponed from 2nd May due to bad weather conditions.  This week, it'll be back on - without a doubt! - and I hope to see you there.  Until my next post, keep creating!

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