Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Table Cloths and New Stock

It's cold and raining here in Brisbane; and this means staying indoors and keeping warm and occupied with either housework (meh, boring) or arty crafty stuff (yay! Exciting!)...I'm leaning towards the latter, I know you are!

This week, I scored three free bolts of fabric from a friend who's cleaning out his house; and they're just gorgeous! So, I brought them home but left them in the car to take to my folks' place to use.

Well!  I've made some table cloths with them, and began a curtain for the bathroom (it really needed a curtain for some privacy). 

Anyway, after three and a half hours at Mum and Dad's house, a lot of measuring, pinning and tacking, I got my table cloths all sewn up on my machine on their kitchen table.  I used their house because of the space they have in the living room - which I lack greatly - and that they're not there right now... plus the wild birdies loved it that I was there to feed them today too (man, they're such cuties!).

Well, my idea worked out really well, as I came home with all my gear, left the rest of the material in the spare room at Mum and Dad's place and pulled out my tables to see how it all went... and you know something?  The table cloths worked out just fine!  

The major one was a under-cloth - a double-sided one! - of my original calico cloth sewn to the new green material so I could use the green cloth with the new overhanging floral design one market and the calico and the red/white flower overhanging designs at another market... give my stall a bit of fun and elegance if needs be.  A bigger plus is that with the cloths sewn together like this, it will also make the cloth heavier and more sturdy when I'm outside at school fairs.

Well, what have you been up to which is just as creative as this? Until my next post, keep creating.

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