Monday, July 6, 2015

Another New Creation In Progress

Being an artist really does change one's life, and the way you look at things.

Like housework for example. I just don't get the point in my house being totally and completely tidy... because in my mind, the more clutter there is, the more likely I'll be able to create something very cool to work with.

Last week, I started a new painting at a friend's house at Thorneside. I did this because it's a messy process and usually I get paint absolutely everywhere!  So, I used their garage to start it off. Well, I worked from 11am Thursday morning until 11pm that night and I got further in a messy garage than I ever would have in my own place; mainly because of a few good reasons:

1. I live in a unit complex. There's kids everywhere who just wouldn't leave me alone, other kids who would steal things from my carport and then say they didn't do it. And while I've gone and left my piece of work alone in my carport to go to get a drink or to go to the toilet, they'd do something to the painting or poke a hole in the canvas, and well, ... goodbye $40 I spent on a canvas... I may as well throw it out.

2. I simply don't have the space to flick paint all over my house, carpet and I don't think my Dad would like seeing paint all over the wall of the carport (which would also bring down the selling price of my place). 

Anyway, since Thursday, I've really gotten in and worked on this piece. It's gone from nothing to something, and each night, I do work on it more and more to make it better.  

The Beginning

The Framework

So Far, So Good

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