Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wet and Rainy Days

I love doing craft things during wet days; even though it takes ages for things to dry. I could sit and paint, glue, stain and work at things until the cows come home - and really it's because I'd be sitting at my work bench (or standing, depending on how I feel) and just working on new pegs, new coat hangers or new little portraits until the light fades from the back door.

And I'd be happy... buzzing with caffeine from the many ice coffees I'd made that day, but happy.

Rainy days are the best time for me to get into the craft and work the hardest at them - and they're also the worst. My arthritis plays up in my right hand and wrist and I can't grip things as well as I normally can on dry days; and that sucks. So, when these days come along, I wish my joints didn't play up so much. But on the other hand (pun intended), I don't mind the grey skies which keep me trapped inside all day long.

Besides, right now, I'm working on a birthday gift for my niece, Riley, and it's taking some time to get finished. Some of it I have bought and hopefully she'll love, while the rest of it I'm making for her as it's something of a special birthday - her 16th - and I'm making sure she has something special to have her whole life. I'm not revealing anything until her birthday comes up... as some of it might not work out; yep it's experimental and I haven't done this before. And if it works out, I'll see if I can work it into my usual works for the markets.

Otherwise, in the past few weeks, I've been getting into staining any of the coat hangers I have in my wardrobe - to give them a little bit of class. These are the rejected coat hangers I can't paint up but I don't want to throw out as they're not that dreadful, they're just not good enough to use. 

I'm also learning new things at the Queen Beez Craft Group - needlepoint. Now, I'm not much a stitcher, but I'm getting there. My hands aren't used to all the threading and I'm not used to counting all those threads, but I'm enjoying the learning. And Mum's so proud of me for doing this as I'll be getting some other new things done soon... I've been thinking of getting in and working on a pin cushion. So far, I've cut out the squares of material for it, and now I have to decide on the design. This ought to be fun!

Well, that's everything from the last few weeks. I've been meaning to come on here and tell you all about the new things, old things and other craft things I've been doing - but have been so busy lately I haven't had time. What have you been up to? Until my next post, keep creating! 

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