Saturday, August 22, 2015


Recently, I had somebody ask me to do a commissioned set of pegs. However, the client didn't ask me to do just any of my designs, they asked me to do original Aboriginal Dot Art. 

I said no.

You see, I'm not Aboriginal, nor do I have any ancestors who are Aboriginal. So, I have no right to produce this kind of artwork and no legal right to sell it to anyone.

Yes, I was taught by an Aboriginal artist - Nevil MacKenzie - to do Aboriginal Dot Painting. He taught a class of us here in Logan City and he also taught us how to read their paintings. It was a great experience... I'll never forget it and have never forgotten my lessons. 

I made lovely work for my family, and they love it all. However, I have never painted anything in the Aboriginal Dot Painting style and sold it because I have no rights to.

I tried to tell this to my client and asked them to pick another design and I'd do it for them. But they explained they wanted a set of the Original Crafty Pegs in the Aboriginal Dot Artwork for her friend in Finland. I still said no and ethically it was wrong for me to do anything like that... and legally I could get in some serious shit for selling it to her. I could lose my business for doing it.

She didn't seem to care less if I got into any shit, so long her friend got the pegs. 

I said maybe, see what I can do.

Maybe doesn't mean yes.. it means no.

If I said no to start with and am pushed by somebody and I turn around and say maybe, it means no.

So, when doing your work - if you've picked up your style from another indigenous style and adapted it to your own - and somebody asks you to do some original works for them (because they don't care about your ethics) and you've said no... don't cave to them, keep to your standards.

Until my next post, keep creating.

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