Monday, February 1, 2016

Back To Crafting At Springwood

Today I started back at the Queen Beez Craft Group at the community centre up the road from my parents' house. It was so good to catch up with the ladies there; despite how hot it's been lately - and today was so very steamy too!

Thankfully we had a nice storm and a good drenching of rain to help with the humidity. But the air-conditioning was something of a blessing to us inside. The ladies were amazed at how long my hair has grown since last December and that my right hand has healed so well since I was unable to really work with it the last time I was there.

They were equally amazed at what I've been up to lately too over the last month since my scar has healed properly. I have been making some lovely pin cushions - double-sided ones - of all sizes and have started selling them online as well as by chance when people walk into the Logan Art Gallery.
But not everyone was pleased about my little endeavour of how I was making them. The one lady I thought would love them wasn't pleased with them. She said 'they were okay... I guess.' and wouldn't touch them. She asked if I missed out on putting the tassel and cord in for the scissor-keeper. I said no, and that I had made them bigger and heavier so they were pin cushions for traveling, or for that time for when you don't need so many pins, or when you just need to use needles and that's it. She still didn't like them and walked off.
Ilene - one of the other ladies - told me that this lady who had taught me needlepoint last year, and had helped me through my first day when I burst into tears - didn't think of it first. And seeing I did, she didn't like it. I thought my teacher was being a wet blanket about it when a student does better than her. And that's the thing about teaching somebody something: if your student becomes the teacher and shows you something new, never poo-poo it. It's just not right.

Everyone else loves my double-sided pin cushions. They think they're wonderful; and that's it's even better that I have already sold two of them before going to the markets. 

First one sold

Lady Lace Tiny One I use

Aren't they the cutest things? They take three days to make and I have made about twelve of them so far. They price between $10 and $20Aust with a shipping fee depending where you live of $3.00 Domestic and $5.00 International (anywhere in the world). 

So, what have you been up to over the New Year period? Do let us all know. Until my next post, keep creating!

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