Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Focus

With Winter just around the corner, I'm starting to work on other things around the place.

There's plants to repot in the garden, paintings to complete and needlepoint pin cushions to finish up and put away until next year's new markets.

Then, there's me looking for a new kitchen table so I can get in an do some serious sewing of my very own... sounds great, right? Yeah, I've been planning on making some book bags for my markets next year - and I can't wait!

However, my new focus is on making sure I sell my old kitchen table first... and get another one as soon as I can to replace - something solid and something useful; something that doesn't look tiny either. I know that sounds weird, but really need something that will live up to its name of being a good dining room table.

I'm having trouble with keeping my craft gear tidy... most of it is still invading my living room; even though I built a great work bench. Now, this isn't good because it makes my house cluttered and - let's face it - nobody likes it when something like this invades our private living areas of our homes. So, I'm hoping to get my place worked out to a point where I can be ready to move to another place when I can. I'd love to move to a 3 bedroom house - not a townhouse; but a proper house. I've lived in a tiny, squishy place like this for far too long - and my next move will be the place I'll be for the next 20 - 30 years. It will be the place I'll live in for the rest of my life - my real home where I can decorate and properly stretch my wings in the art department. In the townhouse, I can't do that because of Body Corporate rules and regulations not allowing me to make noise, smells (that are really not great) and I don't have a lock-up garage. I also have no privacy to do any of my artwork either. 

And I've been waiting for a long time to hopefully move from where I am... it's not a good thing to have to wait for so long; but I hope it's over soon. I've been painting, reading and writing as much as I can. However, it's a matter of being able to have my own room to have it all there in one place instead of it being spread around my living room, kitchen and near my back door that will really make the difference. 
So, do you have your own art room? Or are you stuck like me - and many others who are in my position as well? Until my next post, keep creating.

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