Friday, May 6, 2016

Semco Sewing Baskets

On Wednesday, while I was out doing my grocery shopping, I also went to Spotlight and scored myself a lovely Semco Sewing Basket

They were on sale at Spotlight and I paid $30 for mine, finding it was an end-of-line production.  I did find Birch and other brands there, but they weren't as large as the one I found and fell in love with - plus mine was purple! 

I love purple... it's just the most lovely colour out of the spectrum.

And so, once I got this gorgeous little thing home, I pulled out the tiny plastic one Mum bought me - along with my Elna Sewing Machine - and found that it was dwarfed in size compared to it. I transferred everything from one box to the other and soon found how much more space I had in the bigger box and have enjoyed using it since... and the best thing is that I can put in not only what I'm working on (pin cushions) but other needlepoint and knitting if needs be and the box will hold everything I need for my sewing needs - this includes my large scissors, pins, needles, quick unpicks, a collection of threads, small rulers and needle-threaders - amongst other things as well. It also holds my work glasses in their case easily; so I'll never forget them again!

The size was another thing I loved about the Semco brand - it's big without being ostentatious - and yet still very pretty. However, I did look at the Birch brand and found that, even though they were sturdy and very pretty, they didn't come in the sizes I wanted or the range of colours... they seemed to also have the same range of patterns, just in different colours. So, I thought that it would be best if I went with Semco and had different styles and colours to work with.

The best thing was that my purple sewing box was the last one on the shelf... very nice. I love it and my little one is just nice for smaller projects, but not for what I need right now. I'm trying to make it so I can have all my sewing needs in one box, not have to carry everything in three bags. Until my next post, keep creating. 

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