Friday, July 29, 2016

A Great Purchase!

I've been hunting for a dining setting online lately; and it's pretty slim pickings. I mean, I've been on Facebook pages which are bartering sites around Logan City - and they were okay, but the tables were either too big and ugly, too small and made of glass or way too big and absolutely gorgeous. Then, I went on ebay where I couldn't find my way around on it and it showed me everything I ever wanted to buy - and anything I didn't - so I gave up there (even when I went through the categories, I still didn't find what I wanted). And then, I went on to Gumtree... man! What a place! You ask for dining settings ... and you got them in every shape, form, style, colour, and texture! And they were from all over Australia, Queensland and Brisbane to all over the world. I found a lovely table for my house, but it was in San Francisco... bummer! I could afford it too, but the shipping would have killed me!

Then, I found this one table that was $145 and gorgeous! The best thing was that it was my local area! Yay! 

So, yesterday, I went around to this person's place and had a look at the table, but found it was too big for my house - damn! But, he had another one... a smaller one he could show me; and it was perfect in every way. He also tossed in 4 chairs for $20 each. He hadn't cleaned them up, so that's why they were so cheap.

Today, I was up at sparrow-fart to collect my new dining setting - and it's a Chiswell. This is a great brand of furniture which is made from solid wood and just isn't around so much anymore - unless you attend auctions or surf around ebay or Gumtree and find the pieces on there either fixed up for a lot of money or you happen to inherit those gorgeous pieces from somebody in your family who has great taste. 

Dad wasn't too keen on the dining set until Mum said that it will look great once I have it fixed up; and that I won't let it go because of the product name. It was then he made sure he'd help me pull it together. We pulled apart the chairs, cleaned up the cushions and put furniture polish on the wood - once we cleaned up the stains on all the flat areas. Meanwhile, we had to fix the veneer on the underneath flat area of the table - gluing and sanding it - and then we'll be staining it with a few coats to make it look like new. The table doesn't need much work, just a few coats of furniture polish and that's it really... it does look lovely otherwise. 

I'm looking forward to getting my other table sold on Gumtree for $100. It's the old Art Deco one I no longer need or want. I just hope somebody out there wants to do it up where I don't know how to... well, there is always someone out there willing to have something that hasn't completely fallen apart. I still have a little way to go on the new dining setting before it comes home with me. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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