Monday, September 18, 2017

A New Business Card

With the Murarrie State School Market Day approaching in a few weeks, I'm more than ready to hit the roads and get my little green machine and me out there selling things again!

The one thing I have run out of is my business cards. So, I jumped onto Vistaprint and sorted out a new style of business card.

Did you know that it's been 4 years since I redesigned my business cards? I had ones which had paintbrushes on them - brand new ones fresh out of the box - and it looked so pretty and new! It also looked like a stock photo I had paid for from the internet.

So, I pulled out some of the stock I had ready for the market, put it on a small table and started photographing it with my phone.

And you know? It worked out well! I tried different effects on my phone, and it gave the different feels I wanted on the photo of it all.

When it came to looking at it through Vistaprint's site, I found working on there was so easy - and so was the choosing of the card stock, how many I wanted and how soon I'd like them to arrive. I paid for it all online and then? Well, all I have to do is wait for them to arrive to my PO Box and that'll be it! 

I'm also editing a book right now... and will be looking into working on the book cover soon. Now, I wonder what that's gonna look like? 

Woah! So much going on in my life and not long ago, I had so much time on my hands.Well, until my next post, keep on creating! 

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