Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Week and a Half Away!

The markets are just a week and a half away... and I'm excited!

My business cards are ready and packed.

I've bought hand wipes for the day.

I've been knitting new and colourful dishcloths to sell (they're the last thing that needs to be done - and I'm taking my time).

And I'm looking forward to getting it all fixed up, packed and over to the Murarrie State School Market Day.

It's going to be a great day out no matter what the weather; as it will be a great beginning to another phase of 'Crafty Pegs'.

I've gotten rid of the pencils and replaced them with the dish cloths.

There's a smaller amount of Pretty Picture Frames and I've still got the magnetic pegs - of all sizes!

Then, I've restyled my whole stall to give it a better feel too! In doing so, I went through the whole lot of boxes I've got and cleaned them out to find I only need 2 boxes and the picnic basket to take with me... this gives me more room in the car to play with. 

Yep, I've downsized, and yet made the stall so much better at the same time. 

So, 14th, October is date to keep on your calendar.
The time is 8am - 2pm... I'll be there from the time the market opens to the very minute it closes. Also, if you show up closer to closing time, we could do some deals... good ones too!

Until then, keep creating!

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