Monday, November 20, 2017


Well, the markets were great one day... a complete wash-out the next!

Yep, my first market day at Murarrie State School was wonderful. It was a great, sunny day. I was running late, got off at the wrong off ramp from the Gateway Arterial and then I surprised myself and set up in around 20 minutes. 

I sold a few things, but seeing it was my first market back after 2 years away from the market scene, I knew it was going to take time to warm back into the public's eye.

So, I wasn't surprised when my stall didn't sell that many things.

What surprised me was the amount of retailers who up and left halfway through! At lunch time, a lot of the foodies packed up their gear and took off - in their most busiest of times. I heard through an email, that the organiser was being badmouthed by other retailers while she was within ear-shot of them saying the bad things.

Now... I may have been away for 2 years, but this kind of behaviour does not wash with me. 

No matter how slow or how bad my stall is going at a market, I never bad mouth the organiser - ever! Not only is it bad manners but it's rude to not take up your grievances with them personally.

Well, I was there at the Murarrie State School until around 1:30pm and was one of the last stalls to pack up.

A few weeks later, I was off to the Creative Markets at the Logan Art Gallery just this weekend past and we had a great time setting up. I took some lovely photos of it all... but then the rain came.

At first it wasn't too bad - a shower or two - and then it went away for a while.

The people came and had a look around and we all thought we were in the clear.

But then more rain came and it brought gusts of wind with it! By midday, we were all packed up, drenched to the skin and out of there! 

All my merchandise was wet and I didn't want to finish my hours drenched. Unfortunately, nobody stuck around and Lorna had to tell the gallery that we all took off... what a pity. 

I had to get home, hang up all my table cloths, my clothes and some of my dish cloths too... then get changed and rush back out to the gallery for a shift there that afternoon, at which point it poured rain all afternoon! I was thankful I had hung all my cloths on the clothes horse inside... and not on the clothes line. But at this market, I didn't even make $10.

Oh well, better luck next year when I get myself into the markets better. 

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