Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The New Year

Welcome to the new year! 

And what a great one it's going to be!

I'm already back at art school - two weeks early - and halfway through my first painting for my newest exhibition; and in a few days, I'll be getting out there and buying another canvas (hopefully) and making sure I get in and start my next painting.
I'll need around 20 paintings done this year; and I'll have to learn to paint fast and well, to get them done. With my art teacher, Aaron, working with me, I'm sure I'll be able to work well with them.

Crafty Pegs will be working a little slower than I expected it to be. I'll be doing only the markets I can get into this year as my calendar may be a bit more full than I expect - but then I'll have to wait and see what happens yet.

I'm still making pin cushions - which will be sold at my exhibition next year with my paintings and I'm hoping I'll get in and work through my own barriers of how everything works out there. 

Well, that's the news of how things are going so far. Yes, this year is looking great, isn't it? How's your year looking in the grand scheme of things? All good? I hope so. Until my next post, keep creating!


  1. Glad to hear your new year is off to a great start so far!! Sounds like you are off and running with various art projects. Good luck with your paintings and exhibit show later this year. What so you like to paint and how would you describe your painting style?

    I'm busy knitting this year and am working on a new project. I am knitting a Fair Isle Tam right now. It's the first time I've knitted anything with a Fair Isle design in it.

    Here's a picture of my Fair Isle Knitting project: https://myknittingjouneyonestitchatatime.blogspot.com/2018/01/im-knitting-my-first-fair-isle-tam-hat.html

    1. I'm not sure how to describe my painting style - but Aaron (my art teacher) calls it photo-realistic. But he has said to me that I know when to stop; and that's a good thing.

      He has said that my colours are good, but not great, and I need to work on my patience. yeah, I like to get things finished as fast as possible, then slow it right down to slow motion - it frustrates him sometimes. :P