Saturday, April 28, 2018

Winter Challenge

Being part of an online, Facebook craft group is always fun. No matter what I'm doing in my personal life in the way of painting or craft, it's always appreciated when I upload it onto that group... and this year, I've been either painting or knitting; and they love it all.

And this year, we have had challenge upon challenge thrown at us. 

But I can only do one challenge thus far: the Winter Challenge; which is great.

I'm making a scrap scarf this year. 

This is where I've gotten other knitted pieces from my past, unravelled them, balled up the yarn and made something out of that scrap leftover... not a bad thing really. 

So, what have you made from scrap yarn? A beanie? A pair of gloves or a couple of wash cloths? The smallest things are always appreciated, right?

Well, I must be going and knitting again tomorrow... I've done my knitting for today. Until my next post, keep creating!

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